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All details about claiming your discount

Now that the Healthy UCoins project® is in full swing, we'll give you all the information you need to collect your discount.

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How much?
  • 20% on products registered with Nutri-Score A & B with a maximum of €50 per month.
  • In addition to other promotions with the exception of discounted products (products marked with a sticker on the packaging).
  • Delhaize Employee? 20% extra discount on Nutri-Score A & B products in addition to the current 10% employee discount.
  • In participating Delhaize stores in Belgium.
  • Also with the self-scan, quick-scan and via the online store when - during the test period - you place an order and pick it up in a participating store. Important! Don't forget to scan your Plus card before scanning the products.
For how long?
  • The Healthy UCoins project® will run from May 15th until August 14th.
  • The €50 balance is available from the 15th day of the month until the 14th day of the following month. A remaining balance on the 14th will not be transferred to the following month. This balance can be found at the bottom of your cash register ticket under 'Saldo korting Nutri-Score'.
Plus card

If you do not have a (valid) Plus card with you, the Healthy UCoins discount can unfortunately not be deducted.


At the end of last year, the Nutri-Score was introduced at Delhaize. We do everything we can to add new products every day. Can't find the Nutri-Score on the packaging and don't know the exact score of your product? Read here how you can consult the Nutri-Score efficiently and at any time. Only products with a registered Nutri-Score A or B are eligible for the discount.

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