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Where can you find the Nutri-Score?

The Nutri-Score of a product can be found in different ways, both online and in our stores.

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Delhaize has developed no less than four different methods to check the Nutri-Score of your favorite products: on the packaging, on the electronic label in the store under the product, via the online store or by scanning the product with the Delhaize app.

1. On the product

Every day, Delhaize makes every effort to provide its products with a Nutri-Score. The Nutri-Score can be found via a clearly visible icon on the front of our packaging: five letters and five colors that neatly summarize the nutritional information of a product. Look for products with a score of A or B for a 20% discount.

2. On the electronic label

Can't seem to find the Nutri-Score on the packaging? Then look at the electronic label in the store1 under the product. From now on it will show the product's price as well as its Nutri-Score.

Nutri-score label

3. The Delhaize app

Another option is to scan the product's bar code using the Delhaize app on your smartphone. This will tell you the Nutri-Score but will also provide you with interesting information about possible allergens or useful instructions for use.

4. Via the online store

Do you prefer to shop online? You can also find the score for Delhaize products in our online offer. In the tutorial below, see how you can easily select your products based on Nutri-Score A & B.

1In a limited number of stores the Nutri-Score will not be available on the electronic label.
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