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Delicious Delhaize cooked ham with improved Nutri-score.

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Do you also enjoy a nice little piece of cooked ham? Sometimes it just tastes so good! And the more so now, because the Delhaize cooked ham is a lot more balanced.

Delhaize renewed the composition of 7 of our Delhaize cooked ham products. Those Delhaize cooked ham products now contain a lot less salt, making them much more balanced as a result. Don't worry! The taste is still the same and those products will be just as delicious as before. 3 of these products have even passed from a Nutri-score C to a B!

Looking for another yummy cooking tip?
We Belgians love a good croque monsieur. With the Delhaize cooked ham, you can enjoy your balanced croque monsieur even more.

Combine your croque monsieur with the Delhaize cooked ham in summer with a delicious summer salad, such as field salad, almonds, nectarines, and tomatoes with a honey mustard sauce. A delicious, fresh and balanced combination for the summer.

So, bring on the croque! At Delhaize, we make sure that you can continue to enjoy your favorite meals carefree.

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