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Gilles: ‘The range of products with a Nutri-Score A or B is really enormous.’

Team Coordinator Gilles is proud of his employer Delhaize.

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Bon vivant Gilles, 36 years old and Team Coordinator at Delhaize, has been happy to be part of the Healthy UCoins project® for several months now. The Healthy UCoins project® immediately drew my attention. I was curious and interested in the interesting discounts in Delhaize's offer.

‘A balanced lifestyle has always been very important to me.’ But just as for so many people, it is sometimes difficult for Ward to maintain that lifestyle. ‘Especially when I'm under stress, it’s not always so easy... I try to eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible, drink enough water and avoid sugary drinks.’

My purchasing behavior has really changed since the project started. Discounts attract my attention and help me make better choices. I am particularly surprised at the range of products with a Nutri-Score A and B. It's really nice that Delhaize is promoting a healthy lifestyle this way.’

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