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The benefits of the Healthy UCoins project® according to Axelle

The Healthy UCoins project® makes choosing balanced products much easier!

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Axelle Snoecx (25), Category Manager Biscuits & Confectionery, has a healthier and more balanced diet thanks to the Healthy UCoins project®

As her job suggests, Axelle likes cookies. Her guilty pleasure? The Delhaize cranberry cookies with white chocolate. Axelle: “When I start eating cookies, I can’t help but finish the pack. Despite my predilection for biscuits, I still attach high importance to a balanced lifestyle. I eat a lot of healthy products to keep my body and mind active. I think, though, that it’s also important to relieve the pressure. So, I eat sometimes cookies or drink a glass of wine to relax. Finding the right balance helps you hold on.”

Still, additional help to achieve a balanced lifestyle is always good to take. That's why she participates in the Healthy UCoins project®. Axelle: “I wanted to find out whether my purchasing behavior would change with a discount. Not only in the first weeks, but also as part of a healthier lifestyle.”

Thanks to the Healthy UCoins project®, Axelle's purchasing behavior is no longer the same and she now has a more balanced diet. “If I hesitate between two products and one has Nutri-score B and the other has Nutri-score C, I definitely choose the one with Nutri-score B.”

Axelle: “We often have habits and choose the same products. I frequently choose a different product now. The discount encourages me to try new items. For example, I buy brown buns instead of white ones. Of course, we can't decide for our customers, but I think it's our responsibility to help raise awareness about healthy eating.”

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