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Anthony: ‘My body already feels the difference.’

Discover how the Healthy UCoins project® encourages Anthony to live a healthier life.

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Anthony (38) has recently been enjoying the benefits of the Healthy UCoins project®. He is married, has two children and is a sports enthusiast in heart and soul. ‘I attach great importance to a healthy lifestyle, but with two young children I have much less time to exercise than before. That's why I try to keep an eye on my food and cook as balanced as possible for me and my family.’

Anthony: ‘I never really took the time to analyze products before. So, I didn't know if my diet was balanced or not. Thanks to the Nutri-score I can compare products much faster and more easily and I am more aware of what I eat.’

Anthony's motivation to participate in the Healthy UCoin project® was clear. Anthony: 'I have enormous faith in the UCoin. It's a fun project and I really believe it encourages a more balanced lifestyle.’

His purchasing behavior has changed enormously since the arrival of the Healthy UCoins. ‘The discounts on the products with Nutri-Score A and B provided extra motivation and made me pay more attention to what I eat. Moreover, it made me even more excited to go to the gym.

His lifestyle has evolved positively thanks to the Healthy UCoins project®.
Anthony: ‘Together with my family, I eat more and more fruit and vegetables. This also makes me less inclined to sweets and snacks. I eat and live much healthier. My body already feels the difference.’

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