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All you need to know about the Nutri-Score.

5 colors to help you eat in a more balanced way.

The Nutri-Score is a label consisting of a combination of color and letter codes, which helps the consumer to buy balanced food. The score can be found on the front of our packaging by means of a clearly visible icon.

The Nutri-Score is based on a scientific algorithm and consists of five letters (A to E) and five colors (green to red) that neatly summarize the information about the nutritional value of a product. It is a tool that helps you consciously make more balanced choices in the supermarket. The score balances two categories of nutrients and foods: on the one hand fiber, proteins, fruit and vegetables; on the other hand, calories, saturated fatty acids, sugars and salt. Find out all about the Nutri-Score here.

Better eating? A piece of cake!

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